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Wood Pellet Boilers

Supply & Fitting Wood Pellet Boilers

We supply and fit the Mescoli range of wood pellet boilers.

What Are Wood Pellets?

  • Wood pellets are a sustainable source of energy made from sawdust and wood shavings.
  • They are considered a very clean source of fuel, which does not adversely effect climate change.
  • They can be used in a different manner to heat your home or workplace.

Why choose a Wood Pellet Boiler?

A large contributor to climate change is the over reliance on fuels such as oil and gas (fossil fuels). These fuels took millions of years to form and are being used up at an alarming rate, which in turn releases tones of harmful greenhouse gasses polluting the air around us. However we now have some real alternatives, one of which is wood pellets.

  • Wood pellets are a completely sustainable source of energy, which is “carbon neutral” i.e. the carbon dioxide that is released when the pellets are burned is equal to the amount of the tree consumed when it was growing.  Wood pellets are high energy fuel.
  • They are extremely dense and are best when produced at a very low moisture content.  Their density allows very compact storage.
  • They provide a very real alternative to fossil fuels and can be handled without much mess.  Ash levels are extremely low and the ash can be used as fertilizer in your garden.

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