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Geothermal Heating / Heat Pumps

We supply & fit world class NIBE Heat Pumps

  • NIBE Heating is the largest manufacturer of domestic heating products in the Nordic countries and a market leader in Northern Europe in the electric water heater and heat pump segments.
  • NIBE's mission is to supply homes and buildings with products that provide domestic hot water and ensure a comfortable indoor climate.
  • NIBE is NIBE is ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified.

Heat Pumps Explained

Heat pumps make use of the freely available solar energy stored in the soil or ambient air  and provide a sustainable heating solution that reduces not only the impact on the environment but also a reduction on your heating bills!.

  • Heating provided by heat pumps affords maximum heating, operating and living comfort.
  • Heat is distributed by a low-temperature central heating system such as underfloor heating which ensures a cosy climate at all times.
  • Low temperature radiant heat prevents excessive drafts and the swirling up of dust particles, which produces a more pleasant and healthier environment for occupants.



Geothermal Heat Pumps

  • Your energy consumption for heating will be lowered up to 75% with the use of NIBE ground source heat pumps.
  • NIBE produces 15 different types of ground source heat pumps, ranging from 5 kW to 60 kW. By using a cascade connection it is possible to achieve an output of 540 kW.
  • The energy consumption for heating and hot water can be lowered by up to 75% with a ground source heat pump in comparison to heating systems using fossil fuels.

There is also the possibility of free cooling with NIBEs geothermal heat pumps.

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Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Controlled domestic ventilation with heat recovery reuses the energy from the exhaust air. Not only that, the additional heat generated internally from lighting, people and domestic appliances is also utilised through heat recovery.

The mechanical ventilation means totally hygienic inside air and is a basic requirement for living in a healthy house.

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Air/Water Heat Pumps

Converts the energy of the outside air into heat and creates a comfortable temperature inside the house. Installation of a NIBE air/water heat pump can lead to your energy consumption for heating being reduced by up to 50%, in comparison to conventional heating systems.

You should choose a NIBE air/water heat pump if is not possible to drill in a ground probe or install a surface absorber on the property.

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