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Boiler & Heating Control Upgrades

An oil or gas boiler over 15 years old would have ran typically at 80% efficiency.   Its present efficiency today due to wear and tear is now likely to be no greater than 70%. The efficiency of the range of boilers available today is greater than 90%, which would give you an operational improvement in efficiency of 20%.  By increasing the operational efficiency of your boiler would save you more than 25% on your fuel bills.

As the cost of heating homes keeps going up and because of new advances in thermostats for the home, anyone who hasn’t upgraded their heating controls is likely needlessly losing money.  Where possible it is desirable to have independent control over space and water heating. And now, with the SEAI’s Better Energy Homes Scheme*, you could even get a grant to help cover the cost of upgrading your heating controls. 

Therefore replacing old boilers and having your heating controls upgraded makes good sense for three reasons:

  1. Significant fuel cost savings which can only increase as energy prices escalate
  2. Improved reliability and safety
  3. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland are now offering a grant through their
    Better Energy Homes Scheme* to help cover the cost of boiler and heating control upgrades

*Further information on the SEAI Better Energy Home Scheme is available under our latest news section (insert link to latest news section).